Open Mic – 2-9-15

I’m two down in my pursuit of hitting 50+ open mics this year and this one was not what I wanted it to be. As I checked in – literally checking my name off a list like attendance at home room in high school – I frantically searched for my name and saw it all the way at the bottom, number 27 of 30. Waiting to get called up onstage is like sitting in the water after a shipwreck praying for the arrival of a rescue team only to be pulled up on the boat and asked to do some comedy. I hate making excuses so I will blame the material for not getting laughs and, to be honest, I haven’t listened back at it yet to see how nervous I was. The room was pretty empty at this point as only people who accidentally walked in off the street for warmth were there. I got up, did my set, and quickly ran off with my face covered as if I was getting chased off screen on To Catch A Predator.

Better luck next time I presume…

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