The Rock, Two Dead Birds, and One Police Officer

Bill picked up a rock off the ground and handed it to his friend Dustin.

“See those two birds?” Bill said.

“Yeah.” Dustin replied.

“Well you know the old saying, don’t you?”

Everyone knows that saying, Dustin thought to himself.

Killing two birds with one stone was as old an adage as “man alive” or “whoever smelt it dealt it.”

Finding the perfect angle to hit one bird and have the rock ricochet with a similar velocity in order to kill the second one was almost impossible, but Dustin had something else in mind.

“You ever shoot your gun in the line of duty?” Bill asked.

Bill was a rookie cop who took the job because his Dad felt that he should have. It was either this or working at the local drive-thru deli.

He did work there overnights for a week and got held up at gunpoint, he credited his father as the reason he joined the force, but this was the real reason.

“Yeah. Once.”

Technically this was correct, but it wasn’t as heroic as it seemed. Him and a couple of buddies had a few drinks at the close of their shift and decided to shoot some bottles off of a wood fence.

1 out of 12, he was still the best.

“You want to share the story?” Bill asked.

“Maybe some other time.” Dustin replied coyly.

“Two birds, one rock you say?”

“Yes, I bet you can’t do it.”

The echo of two shots were heard for a half-mile in the surrounding area of the two men.

Down came crashing the two birds, they were still alive. Dustin went over and dropped the rock on both of them putting them out of their misery.

“I think I should report this. I’m not sure you’re mentally fit to be a cop anymore.”

“Who said I was a cop?” Dustin replied.



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