Gotham Comedy Club: Show #4 – 4/28/14

Maybe it was the fact that I drank too much coffee. Maybe it was the fact that I had about 16 co-workers attend. Maybe it was the fact that I just let my brain say, “no need to PRACTICE, comedy is like JAZZ! Just go with the flow!”

I can’t actually pinpoint what the reason was but this show just didn’t go as planned.

It’s not like people got up and started throwing chairs at me, or it’s not like they demanded I pay for their drinks and cover, or it’s not like they all got up from their seats and then turned their back on me, it was much worse than that.

At some points there were just pockets of silence.

Dead air.


Which is LITERALLY the worst thing that could happen to a comic. The idea of being on stage is to incite an emotion and when you tell a joke and scan the crowd to find the two old people that may have posed for American Gothic sitting there with that same expression on their face, it’s kind of unnerving.

I promised since the beginning of this blog that I would post EVERY performance that I do whether it be a small open mic or a show in front of 10,000 angry Twilight fans because they heard Pattinson and I intend to stick to that.

Unfortunately this show wasn’t the best one I’ve ever done, but after watching it back I am still a little surprised I didn’t get more of a reaction. Fine tuning most certainly needs to be taken to this joke/story so hopefully I can try this one again and get a better reaction.

Usually I like to write little stories that lead up to the show, but I wanted to try and be a little more open and honest with this one.

Gotta dust myself off and get back on the horse again.

And, finally, I need to thank everyone for their continued support and for giving these comedy clubs A LOT of their money!


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