The Pond


It was no use at all. He could yell, scream, cry, cover his eyes with his hands and then pull them away and yell “peek-a-boo!”, but it always ended in the same result.

A pool of water sitting there motionless only reflecting off it’s surface what it was surrounded by.

The boy would tell the pond how dumb it was for spelling things backwards when he tried to communicate with it.

DO SOMETHING! The boy wrote on a white piece of oaktag with a marker that would release too much ink and resulted in streaks of black that fell from each letter almost symbolizing the emotion the boy was feeling when the pond would just sit there.

It would be 100% accurate if he were a goth or emo kid that wore eye liner.


That’s all the pond could say in moments like these. The boy wished the water would change his reflection from a frown to a smile.

Every once in a while the water would ripple and the boy would hope it was the pond trying to communicate with him. At closer examination it would be a fish or tadpole skimming the surface of the water for a moment.

Amazing that he may have been witnessing the start of evolution.

He didn’t see it that way though, only as a fading moment of connection that slipped by. A momentary hope that fluttered in his heart causing it to warm up his body and send endorphins throughout.

Hope is what he felt.

This might be the day the pond talks to me.

Every morning he woke up and thought that same thought.

His parents had a balcony off of their bedroom and the boy would go out on it each morning to observe if any changes had taken place. Every morning, without fail, the water would be as still as glass.

The boy did what he did every day and walked down to the water and stood there. He waited like every other day. He watched in hopes that the pond would eventually talk back.

Then he gave up.

The stupid pond became too much of a disappointment for him.

On his 18th birthday – 5 years after giving up on the pond – the boy, now a man in the eyes of the law, was feeling nostalgic and walked down to the water.

He stood over it and all it said back to him was “DRAVRAH”.


As the boy turned his back on his old friend water started to creep up toward him and then pull back. Small crests would hit the land and cause a small slapping sound that forced him to turn around and look.


The pond finally started to talk back to him. He was so overcome with emotion that he broke down and started to cry.

The pond didn’t want him to leave! It wanted him to stay home. Stay here.

The pond was telling him to not go to “DRAVRAH”.

The boy finally had a confidant to rely on.

A true friend!

A companion!

Suddenly a bottle came up on the shore.

The boy – now man – raced over to it and pulled the cork from the top.

“For so long you’ve been telling me to ‘DO SOMETHING’ and now I finally am. I’ve been waiting for so long to talk to you but never knew what to say. So here it goes. I’ve been watching you for years as you sat on the shore, talking to me but feeling so far away. I never knew what to say, but it killed me when you were disappointed and would walk away unfulfilled and dejected. I see now that you are going to Harvard and I couldn’t help but tell you how I feel. I can’t say this is love, but it’s certainly admiration from afar. I want to get to know you. Learn about you. Feel your emotion. I think I want you. I think I want you to be a part of my life forever. I want the person that I know so well – but not at all – to sit beside me on the shore and talk about the complexities of life. Just give me a chance and stay here with me”

The boy took a few steps back and tried to take all of this in.


The boy screamed this as loud as he could and the went head first into the water and began swimming. All he wanted to do was to be in the water. Feeling the touch of his one true love all over his body.

Then he heard the soft voice of a woman.

“Kiss me!”

The boy didn’t know what to do with this so he kissed the water.

“No, silly, kiss me! I know you got my note earlier. I heard your scream as you proclaimed your love for me!”

UHHHHHH. Who the hell are you?

“I’m the person who wrote you the letter.”

The boy took a second and started to swim away from the girl. He got to shore and ran inside his house. He got changed and went to sleep.

The next morning he woke up and went out on his parents balcony.

The water was glass like.

2 months later he left for Harvard where he studied Neuroscience and went on to discover a new set of synapses in the brain that when severed cause ADHD.

The girl, however, sat on the shore forever wondering how someone who thought a pond could write such a letter could get into Harvard when the pond responded back with “DRAVRAH”.



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