Open Mic #4

As I was typing in the title to this blog post I was thinking to myself, “are you REALLY going to number ALL the open mics you do?” and the question was so annoying that I ignored MYSELF!

But probably not, I feel 4 is okay, small numbers are alright. It might get embarrassing if I’m up to #500 without any real success. Like a small time night cruise around New York, I should probably have that within the next few days. And what I mean by that is getting a row boat and naming it Captain Robert F. Peterson’s (because that’s officially going to be my stage name) Sink or Swim Tour. On this tour you get me telling you half-baked jokes for about 30 minutes along with two shots of wine and some soggy tuna sandwiches followed by some exercise where you row the boat when my arms get tired, so after 3 minutes of me rowing.

I’m positive Living Social would sell this deal for me.

4 is also a recurring number in my life, it was my Dad’s favorite number and is also my fiances!


But this may be the last time I put a number next to “Open Mic” in my title, I think people will appreciate it with the date more. I feel that when people want to search through the archives some crazy fan site will put together they will appreciate the date of the event more than the actual number. – I checked and there is apparently a very famous movie bootlegger with the same name as mine.

Last night’s open mic went well. I got pretty big laughs in the beginning and end of the joke, which are important, but the three minutes in-between those moments got literally nothing. I think in the recording you can hear someone say “I’m gunna need another drink if this guy keeps talking about his UFO shorts” and that was on my way up to the stage. 3 of my jokes had already failed.

Comedy is about editing and this joke is in severe need for that. I think I found my voice, but I’m not sure because I was told it would take four – THAT’S WEIRD – years. I like telling stories, I’m not good at real ones but the ones I completely fabricate seem to do well, and that’s kind of what I’m focusing on right now. More material is piling up and this morning I came up with a joke about cruises! THAT’S WEIRD TOO!

You all have a lot to look forward to!



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