Open Mic #2

I’m happy with myself that I got back up on stage after the horrible performance I had on Tuesday night. The nerves were there and while I wanted to hide in a corner for a little bit to over analyze my life, my name was called to go third so the self-reflection period went quickly.

The room was packed and in the middle of the second comedian’s set a friend of mine slid over and whispered in my ear, “this is a tough room tonight.” Clearly he thought I needed a motivational speech. I smiled and nodded my head and held myself in my chair because I was ready to run right out of there.

My name is called, “now to the stage the very funny Robert Peterson!” – oh how little he knows me – and I run up there. Here’s the interesting thing, while people fear talking in front of people, I’m actually pretty calm and collected behind the mic. I think I have good banter and my personality actually comes out more when I’m doing an open mic, I’m not clammed up and scared like when I’m in front of the class.

It’s a strange experience, but it feels right.

Being up there…nude.

ANYWAY – I’m sure you love having that image in your head – it went well. Once the first laugh hits it’s usually pretty golden.

See MOM I am funny!

The set went well, I tried some new material and some of it worked. My goal is to get an applause break and while I seemed to make one guy laugh really hard last night, I want everyone to praise me, because I’m the youngest child in my family so I think I deserve all the attention.

Gotta keep writing and working on my material. I’m happy I feel comfortable enough to go to open mics and test out material. I’m happy I have the confidence to bomb and get back up. I’m happy that I’m starting to let my guard down more and willing to open up to other people. There are still some things I’m holding back, but as I continue forward I feel I’ll eventually lay those chains by my side and walk without always worrying if I have toilet paper on my shoe.


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