Weekend? More Like Bleakend

Sometimes you just need to hang out and not do much, like I did in the pouring rain this weekend while waiting for a train to carry me to Long Island for about an hour. You see, I’m a little fucking crazy when it comes to being on time to places. For me I’d much rather show up for a meeting way before the actual appointment time, I’d stay there for a week to calm my nerves if I didn’t have a “job” to worry about. I put the word job in quotes to make it seem like I don’t care about it but I also like to lie about how tough I am.

Anyway, in my neurotic mind I decided to venture out with wayyyy too much time to kill and it wasn’t so much that I was bored it was that I was so bored jumping in front of a train seemed to be a fun option. So I decided to kill what felt like 10 minutes but was probably something like 3 and walked to Dunkin’ Donuts where I was conned into thinking the medium drink I was presented with was actually a large. Then I walked back to the platform where I stood there listening to Mike Birbiglia and watching people walk past me with better things to do than stand around listening to Mike Birbiglia.

Eventually the train arrived and I was back in standtown USA because the train was incredibly crowded and I hate any human contact with people on public transportation. We made our way to New Hyde Park, yes THAT New Hyde Park where I was to meet with my fiance so we could enjoy a nice afternoon driving through the rain to appointments about our upcoming celebration of matrimony. After those appointments were taken care of we got a bite to eat at a local pizzeria, went to my future in-laws, played some cards – somehow we ended up at a retirement community in Florida apparently – and then went home to enjoy each other’s company in the warm, radioactive glow of the TV.

Sunday I decided to continue my half-marathon training by running 6-miles, I wanted to quit after just a few seconds into starting but something told me I should continue to run. It was like a voice from the heavens that made me reconsider, just kidding a dog started chasing me and scared me completely, those damn Yorkies are fast. After that I poured myself onto the couch to continue brain decomposition before cleaning the apartment and finally ending the night watching the Golden Globes which was entertaining but if I could get three hours of my life back I probably would just waste it by watching the Golden Globes.

That was my weekend.


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