Class Number #4, Performance #3

Last night was the official “half way point” but given that we actually have 6 classes before we get on stage and embarrass ourselves there really is no half way point. We had a special guest with us, his name is Wali Collins, who was an excellent teacher and I really valued his feedback on my material. My only issue was that I got less time to perform, which may have been a good thing considering I was woefully unprepared. I noticed that when I sit down and write my jokes fully they have a much better delivery and usually get more laughs, so last night improvisational set didn’t go over as well as I wanted it to. I got laughs, not as many as I wanted – that could be an ego thing though. This week I need to sit down and write more and have to start that today because on Thursday I’m doing my first open mic with people who I don’t know – this can really go either way. Hope you enjoy; as always feedback is appreciated.



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