Hi There,

There is no doubt that if you came across this webpage you are one of two things:

1. Extremely thorough in your search for all things related to comedy and/or Rob Peterson


2. Happened to type in “Comedy Is Dead” into Google in hopes of obtaining the same blog address I did and now here you are reading this in disgust because you are “funnier”

I’ll start this off with something about honesty, I’m a well hung 28-year old man who just lied to you about being honest. The reason for this blog is to promote myself and my comedy – hopefully comedy — hopefully not seen as a rant about the current militia state of the United States of America and how we are all giving up our freedoms for the sake of blissful ignorance that this country is no longer the world power it used to be, because it’s certainly not that.

Here I will be an open canvas. I will outline my journey as I venture through a comedy class I am currently taking and posting my “performances” and critiques in hopes of showing my growth along this time. Think of me as David Blaine in that large ice cube stunt he did a few years ago, except more desperate for attention.

Two goals I hope to achieve through this platform:

1. Exposure, gaining fans and hopefully a following based around my ideas of what the world is, finding it funny the whole time.

2. Bolstering my writing ability in an attempt to gain favor in the field of comedy and entertainment and notoriety so I can find opportunities writing with people to develop new ventures and/or jobs (i.e. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon).
A. Not get fired from my current job.

Because I don’t want to be a Liar McLiar pants – I’m not sure why I have to have an Irish last name – my first performance went “okay” and I “forgot” to record it. Tomorrow is my next class and I will post not only the audio but also will write out the transcript so I can be made fun of.

Thanks for joining me, I hope you enjoy this.

-Rob Peterson

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